Want to hear first hand on why the nø and lo drinks category is the fastest growing in the country? Hosted by drinks writer Mike Bennie, you'll get to hear first hand from the key producers who are setting the trends and innovatively applying their skills from wine, beer, spirits and more. 


Each session is 30 minutes in duration and 100% free!
Just head to the talks area behind the main bar!

  • 1pm: SPIRITS

    Here Mike chats to Lyres, Banks and The Gospel on how they create zero alc spirits.
    The challenges, the innovations and why the end product is so darn exciting

  • 3pm: WINE

    let's face it, Zero alc wine can be a tough one but producers like GIESEN are nailing it with their new, spinning cone, cold distilation techniques.
    Then wine alternative like NON are truly facinating and unique.

  • 6pm: BEER

    Zero alc beer has gone aboslutely bonkers. The flavour, styles and brands have pushed the boundries, and expecations, and what beer is.
    Mike chats to the team at Heaps Normal and Brick Lane about what makes their beers tick.

  • 7pm: DRINKS

    Ready to go cans of Zero alc G&T, Spritz and such to less tradtional examples that push the boundries and expecations and are, frankly, driving this category forward.

    We chat to TINA, Yes You Can and more.